Where are buyers coming from? ERA Brokers Consolidated’s newly published Geographic Demand Snapshots answer this question. The quarterly publications explore where buyers for a specific county are looking to move from. This insight is generated by analyzing search data on realtor.com.

The snapshots cover 10 markets from Las Vegas to the Wasatch Front. As of the fourth quarter of 2020, in Clark County 44.4% of demand comes from within. California makes up 34.2% of the Out-of-County demand. International demand contributes 2.4%. In Salt Lake County, on the other hand, 55.5% of demand comes from within. The largest Out-of-County demand comes from Northern Utah. Utah, Davis, Weber, and Summit Counties combined contribute 18.2% of demand. With respect to the demand for Washington County, 15.0% comes from within the County. The largest Out-of-County demand comes from the Wasatch Front, followed by demand from Greater Los Angeles.

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