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    Take your real estate rental search on the go and access your saved homes and searches from anywhere. Try it for free and get notifications directly on your phone about new rental homes on the market!

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    Tenants can pay rent for free online including setting up auto-payments. They can view their online account so there’s never a question about what they owe. Tenants can also use the system to submit maintenance request and track repairs they’ve previously requested.

    Our rental listings are pushed out to hundreds of websites and our team tracks the number of inquiries and online views. This information is critical in reducing vacancy and leasing the property quickly. Each of our listings also includes high quality pictures of the property to showcase the unique features of the home and to attract the more highly-qualified and clean tenants who want to live in nice homes.

    Our Services

    Professional Advertising

    Listed on hundreds of websites. Rest assured that the best tenants in your area will hear about your rental. 

    Tenant Screening

    Criminal background and credit checks, income verification, landlord references. Rigorous tenant screening process. 

    Rent Collection

    Online rent payments and professional rent collection. Non-payment? No worries. 


    Policies about pets, cleanliness, drug use, and smoking. We stand by our owners wishes. 


    Regular inspections on every property. Preventative maintenance measures keep your property at its best. 


    Receive detailed, custom, monthly statements of income and expenses for you and your accountant. 


    We use licensed, professional vendors with competitive pricing and quality. We’re experienced in negotiating bids and diagnosing problems. 

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    Locations from Utah to Nevada

    “Since day 1 I have found ERA Property Management to be incredibly responsive to all of my inquiries, problems, solutions and everyday life in general! I’ve always been treated with kindness and care. I give them 5 stars!”
    – D Kim Clayton

    “Most helpful property manager I’ve ever dealt with. Staff is professional, personable and cares about their clients (renters and property owners alike).”
    – Paul Bunker

    “They’re more than helpful when it comes to being the middleman between you and your association and you will have problems they will help you through all that’s what they’re there.”
    – Nancy Glover

    “Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value”
    – Prudence Sherman

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      Commercial Asset Management

      Looking for someone to manage your commercial real estate assets? Let us help! Our commercial management team at NAI Vegas and NAI Excel manages commercial investments from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City. Contact us for more info.

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