Liisa Frei and "Youth Futures St. George"

Friday December 15th, during ERA St. George’s annual Christmas party, Liisa Frei, ERA agent and Youth Futures advocate, explained the need for homeless youth shelters.

Youth Futures’ purpose is to provide unaccompanied, runaway and homeless youth with a safe and nurturing environment where they can develop the needed skills to become active, healthy, successful members of our future world. Their overarching goal is to eliminate the need for another youth to sleep on the streets. They employ a “Continuum of Care” cycle framework to meet the needs of homeless youth in a trauma-informed, youth-centered model within the program areas of overnight shelter, daytime drop-in services and street outreach.

Liisa was contacted by the director of Youth Futures and was asked to help connect them with people who would be interested in helping them get up and running in St George. One of the first people Liisa reached out to was Thayne Houston, Principal Broker at ERA Brokers Consolidated.  ERA offered space for Youth Futures to do volunteer training meetings.  Liisa also sponsored a fundraiser for Youth Futures with the agents at ERA Brokers.

With a room full of giving hearts, and in just 2 short hours Friday evening, ERA Brokers agents donated over $730 to support the homeless youth in the St. George area. Liisa commented: “It’s an honor to be a part of a great organization that helps provide a service for our community. We are just getting Youth Futures started in the area and all donations are appreciated.”

About Liisa:
Liisa became aware of the youth homeless population while following the great work being done by Youth Futures in Ogden. This was the first youth overnight shelter specifically for youth to open in the state. Before Youth Futures opened there was no over-night shelter that could legally accommodate an unaccompanied minor.  Liisa was excited when Youth Futures asked her to help bring their program to St George.

About ERA Brokers:
ERA Brokers Consolidated is a brokerage infused with proprietary real estate technology. As part of Brokers Holdings, the organization operates commercial and residential brokerages in Utah and Nevada. With over 300 agents and staff, the combined operations closed over 3,000 transactions worth nearly $1 billion in value in 2017, and manages more than $250 million in assets for its clients.