This past weekend, the most prestigious technology competition in the real estate industry was held in New York.  RealogyFWD featured 18 emerging technologies presented to a panel of judges in rapid fire succession.  Participants demonstrated apps, websites, back office, and consumer focused offerings.  The winner was Hurdlr, which provides business performance insights to agents.  The other two finalists were Agentology, providing qualified lead management solutions to brokers and agents, and Transporter, a new virtual reality product competing with Matterport.

The event was held at the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square.  There were some of the most prestigious names in real estate in attendance, including Richard Smith and Alex Perriello, both featured prominently in the Swanenpoel Power 200, John Peyton, CEO for Realogy Franchise Group, and many other national franchise executives.

A local technology company was selected from over 100 applicants across the country to present their platform, ARTI at the event.  ARTI features a transformative real estate experience for both buyers and sellers by increasing transparency of all aspects of a real estate transaction.  Gone are the days where you have to call your real estate agent to know what the status is, clients can see leads, critical dates, documents, timelines, and progress in real time.  In its reporting of the event, Inman News called out ARTI and quoted Neil Walter, CEO as saying their goal was to bring “a series of technologies together in a single platform that makes a much better experience both for our agents and ultimately for our consumers.”  See the full Inman coverage here.

Matt Walter, CTO said “This the second time we have received coverage from Inman this summer.  We are really excited to see their acknowledgement of a platform we have worked hard on.  We believe we can be impactful in offering transparency, structure, and speed to our clients that our competitors can’t match.”

ARTI is currently being used to transact approximately 3,500 transactions in 2017 worth $1 billion in volume.

About ARTI:
ARTI is not artificial intelligence or a robot, he has no interest in taking over the world, but he is here to make real estate easier for everyone.  He helps move the transaction process along, keeps everyone informed, and provides insight through a proprietary transaction window.  ARTI brings structure, speed, and transparency to real estate transactions.  He may not be a person, but once you get to know him, you won’t be able to imagine real estate without him.  ARTI is a better way to transact real estate. for information.


About ERA Brokers:
ERA Brokers Consolidated is a brokerage infused with proprietary real estate technology. The organization operates commercial and residential brokerages in Utah and Nevada. With over 300 agents and staff, ERA Brokers Consolidated closed over 3,000 transactions worth nearly $1 billion in value in 2016, and manages more than $250 million in assets for its clients.

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