Feeling nervous about closing on your home? This process is the final step in officially becoming a new homeowner. It involves signing more documents, giving the seller your down payment check and receiving the keys to your new home.

Knowing what to expect at your closing can help you feel calmer about it. You should also keep these tips in mind:

  • Meet with your real estate agent or loan officer: Talk to your real estate agent or loan officer about a week before closing to discuss what will happen and to make sure that everything’s set. Ask them questions about the closing process, and share any concerns you have.
  • Expect errors: Don’t assume that your closing will go smoothly. Those handling it could accidentally overlook something important, like required documents. Trying to be as prepared as possible by keeping in touch with your real estate agent or loan officer can help lower the risk of these errors.
  • Look over your loan documents: You or your attorney should review your loan documents before the closing takes place. These should include all of the documents you’ll be asked to sign.
  • Bring the check: This might seem like an unlikely thing to forget, but many buyers do just that. Stop at your bank to get a certified check, and make sure you have your photo ID, good-faith estimate and a copy of your homeowners insurance policy.
  • Take a personal day: Request the day off, so you won’t be worried about being late for work if the closing takes longer than expected.
  • Check for typos: Even one or two typos can require the documents to be redone, which will delay your closing.

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