Do you own a smart phone or are you still using a traditional cell phone?  I’m sure there are a few of you out there that keep a mid 2000’s Motorola RAZR in your front pocket…and that’s ok –  I loved that phone, but no doubt that trustworthy RAZR’s capability ends with placing and answering phone calls.

Today’s smartphones, such as an iPhone or an Android are mini computers much more capable than cell phones of yore, and allow the user to be more productive than ever.  A testament to 10 years of technology advancements.

Fact is, when it comes to real estate, most real estate agents are using the yard sign equivalent of the Motorola RAZR, or even worse, a 1984 DynaTAC.  These traditional yard signs (“Dumb Signs”) send a weak signal with a choppy connection to home buyers compared with the latest “Smart Signs”.

Why Smart Real Estate Signs Matter…
To Home Sellers:  Smart Signs give more exposure to your home and provide better, more timely information to buyers that can make the difference of your home selling.  Your agent also provides detailed analytics of activity and leads generated off the real estate sign in your yard.  Smart home sellers will demand a Smart Sign in front of their house.

To Home Buyers:  Getting property information is easy.  A simple text message provides photos, pricing, size, and other property information.   You can even request alerts that will notify you via text message of price reductions or a change of status on a home.  Smart home buyers take advantage of Smart Signs to make faster and more educated decisions.

To Real Estate Agents: Have you ever wanted to provide a report to your seller with all the activity on their home?  How about the number of sign calls received, or text message requests for more information.  Are you tired of spending time and money setting up clunky solar powered spotlights that barely work and look unprofessional?  Smart real estate agents work with a broker who provides Smart Signs.

What makes a Sign Smarter Than the Rest?

1) Special phone number with custom routing and analytics.  This is crucial because it ensures that the phone call gets answered, empowers agents with call analytics and follow-up resources, and provides accurate information back to the seller.

ERA Brokers Consolidated Smart Sign

2) Traffic grade reflective sign panels.  These work wonders creating awareness and guiding buyers to your home after sunset.  During winter months, it gets dark around 5pm and many buyers are looking after sunset.  The listing is often found on the internet and the buyers decide to drive by, or they happen to come across the home because the sign pops out from the road.  The more visibility a home gets, the more likely it is to sell at a higher price and in a shorter amount of time. 

3)  Instant Property Information.  Home buyers of today want photos, pricing, size and other details instantaneously.  A simple text message provides a mobile optimized website everything they’re looking for.  If an agent is not using this, they are not giving buyers what they want and need to make an educated decision, leading most buyers to simply walk away.

For more information about Smart Signs, contact:

Matt Walter, MBA
Technology Director
ERA Brokers Consolidated
direct: 435.627.5748