Huntsman Senior Games 

Every year in October, St. George is fortunate enough to have hundreds of Senior Olympians come to participate in the Huntsman Senior Games. People 50 and over come from all over the world to compete. The stories of the Olympians are motivational to say the least. Local people may not realize that Senior Games are also held in other states. St. George is one of several locations where seniors can come to compete. The records for the Huntsman Senior Games and and Senior National Records are provided to those in charge of the various events. If a record is set, it is verified by 3 local certified officials. Once the record is verified forms are filled out and the record is submitted to the National Senior Olympic board. The national organization is the National Senior Games Association.

St. George and the Senior Games 

The senior games have become an annual tradition in St. George. For the last 27 years the event has gained momentum to reach the success it is today. Not everyone that participates in the senior games is trying to set a record. Many that participate do so for the social and recreational aspect of the games. Many of those participating come every year. It is not difficult to understand why they love coming to scenic St. George. Some Olympians enjoy the area so much they eventually purchase some type of real estate in the Washington County area. The economic benefits to the area not only include lodging and restaurants but many of the local merchants look forward to the additional business this time of year as well. If you have not taken the time to participate in the Huntsman Senior Games, you should explore the opportunities for service. If you are not interested in helping with the Senior Games you might enjoy watching an event. From the opening ceremony to the toss of the shot put every event is fun and interesting to watch.

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