It is exciting to watch “Do It Yourself” programs on Television. There are several channels that have a variety of viewing options. There are also shows where people come in and clean up after someone that has tried to do their own improvement and failed. You can even watch experts like Mike Holmes come in and clean up shoddy work left by incompetent contractors. I enjoy how quickly the projects move when the camera speeds up and the demo is complete in a matter of minutes. I also like the way many people are able to pull off some pretty dramatic before and after shots.

Some people have the ability to do just about anything associated with home repairs. The rest of us limp along doing the best we can hoping that we don’t end up like the picture above. One secret “handy people” have are the correct tools to do a job with. Having the proper equipment can make the job not only easier, but provide a much better out come. While it will never be possible to compensate for lack of natural ability, preparation and proper tools can go a long way toward improving your do it yourself project. Tools are expensive, but most towns have rent it centers that will rent tools inexpensively for a day or two. One tip is to purchase quality tools, and take care of them. Tools well taken care of can last a lifetime. It is not necessary to purchase every tool on your first project but pick up a new tool or two with each project you do.

Another good idea to consult local experts. The advantage we have in our St. George area are several home improvement stores. It can be very helpful to speak with the plumbing expert if you plan on tackling a plumbing project. Lowes, Home Depot, and ACE all hire retired plumbers to work in their plumbing departments. These pros can not only tell you how to do the job, but what tools you will need to complete it. They can also provide short cuts and tips on how to make the job go more smoothly.

Finally, don’t be embarrassed if you are not able to complete the project. Many do it your selfers have ended up calling a plumber, electrician, or carpenter to come and help them finish the job. The most important part of calling a pro is to pay attention and learn where you went wrong. Most of us learn from our mistakes.

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