Listings are the lifeblood of the business.  Without inventory, buyers can’t buy.  Listing property properly is essential to building a strong, long-term real estate business.

Earning the trust of a seller and the opportunity to list and sell their home is an honor and an opportunity.  It all starts with a conversation.  If you want to grow your listing inventory, focus on conversations, not listings.  Conversations lead to appointments, which lead to listings.

When you have the opportunity to earn a listing, be prepared to show how you can deliver a proven marketing system.  The current environment leads competitors to cut critical services like professional photography and 3D real estate experiences, but they are critical to succeeding.  Having a process that can take the digital resources, distribute them to thousands of people, and provide accounting and transparency to your client along the way is a powerful divergence from what most other agents offer.

With the right technology, marketing, education, research, and support behind you, be confident, follow-up, and be consistent.  Before you know it, you will have the inventory you need to help both your and your clients reach your goals.

01 — Professional Photography
Every Home, Every Time
• Some agents make it an option to use professional photography. At ERA Brokers, we use it on every home, every time.
• Professional photography results in 61% more online views than photos taken by an agent.

02 — Matterport, 3D Virtual Tour
Feels So Real, It’s Like Being There
• Allowing potential buyers to see every angle of a home from the comfort of theirs.
• Available in most markets. Check Matterport out at

03 — Stand Out Online
Market Leading Online Presence
• Over 90% of buyers start their search online.
• ARTI® ensures inquiries on your home go to your agent.
• 4 milion online showings last year.
• Facebook & Instagram post boosted

04 — Smart Signs
Capturing More Buyers
• Increased exposure with traffic grade reflective aluminum signs and our cutting edge texting platform.
• 31% of text and phone leads come in after dark.
• If you’re not tracking calls and gathering deep data, you’re missing sales.

05 — Print Still Has A Place
Providing an Experience
• Custom, professionally designed marketing that provides the best experience for buyers.
• In-house graphic design and marketing resources.

06 — Stay Informed
Industry Leading Data Analytics
• Comprehensive data analytics from Smart Signs,
web and mobile.
• You can feel confident that your agent is providing
the highest level of service.

About ERA Brokers Consolidated

ERA Brokers Consolidated is a brokerage infused with proprietary real estate technology.  ERA Brokers Consolidated includes 9 offices on the I-15 corridor from Salt Lake City Utah to Las Vegas Nevada.  With over 400 agents and staff, ERA Brokers operates a proprietary technology platform, ARTI®, publishes monthly market research, and manages over 1,600 property management units for its clients.