Inman News article about selling your home during the holidays

INMAN NEWS published an interesting article about selling your home and not waiting until the holidays are over to do it. Most sellers aren’t inclined to sell their homes during the late fall and winter months, so they wait until spring. But then they are confronted with more sellers bringing their homes on the market. Buyers have a choice. You aren’t the only game in town.

Some sellers worry about the holidays. If you travel during the holidays, this might be a perfect time to have your house on the market. You won’t be inconvenienced by showing activity and open houses.
Sellers who are home for the holidays can ask their agent to remove the lockbox and have showings made by appointment through their listing agent.

The showing activity will be slower during the holidays, but the buyers who are looking are serious. Sometimes, buyers who have been transferred will take the opportunity of time off over the holidays to go house hunting. Some sellers are inclined to wait until spring to sell because they think that the improved housing market will result in a higher sale price. There’s no way to know. Hopefully, prices will be higher then. But in most areas it will be only marginally higher.

The spring market is bound to have more inventory of homes for sale than we’re likely to see between November 2012 and March 2013. More homes for sale could dilute the buyer pool for your home. When your home is one of the few on the market, you have a better chance of a quick and profitable sale.

If you and your home are ready for sale, and the weather isn’t slowing the market down, go for it.

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You can find the full article HERE.