With rental rates on the rise and the real estate market on a tear, renters are having a more difficult time finding a place to rent.  In a recent article from The Spectrum and Daily News features ERA Agent, Ryan Andersen, discussing the real estate market.  According to Ryan, “Our market is strong, but it’s not because of speculation.  It’s because of new buyers.”  Rent from a two-bedroom apartment was $850 this fall, up from $690 in 2010 and the median home price is up nearly $80,000 from 2011.

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ERA Brokers Consolidated is a brokerage infused with proprietary real estate technology. The organization operates commercial and residential brokerages in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Idaho. With over 300 agents and staff, ERA Brokers Consolidated closed over 3,400 transactions worth nearly $1 billion in value in 2015, and it manages more than $250 million in assets for its clients.