Utility Rates in the Past & Now
Electricity costs in southern Utah remained relatively stable from the early 1990’s until about 2004. Since that time, prices charged by most providers have substantially increased year over year as providers expanded infrastructure, updated aging equipment, fought increased regulation, and higher transmission costs.

How does the cost of electricity affect a purchase of a home or real estate?
For prospective buyers of homes the St. George area, it is important to know which utility providers offer the most competitive pricing.  Don’t forget to estimate what the cost of electricity will be when searching for a home and be sure to recognize there are several providers in the area, who vary significantly in monthly electric rates.  ERA Real Estate Agentscan assist you in identifying which company provides electricity to the homes you are interested in and help you determine how the associated utility rates will affect your total cost of ownership in conjunction with property taxes and other utilities.

Who offers the cheapest electric rates in St. George? 
No doubt rates will continue the latest trend and increase again this year (probably between 2% and 4% for many utility providers).  Homeowners affiliated with Dixie Rural Electric Association (Dixie REA) will again benefit from utility rates that are some of the lowest in the Western US and significantly less than a comparable Rocky Mountain Customer according to our analysis.  Rocky Mountain Power also charges very high rates during the summer that penalize residents operating air conditioners and other high usage equipment during the hot season and can make the average monthly total higher than indicated below.  

Dixie REA has the lowest average cost per kWH for residents in Southern UtahResidents on Washington City Power and Santa Clara City Power will pay elevated electric rates when compared to St. George or Hurricane Power. Also remember storm drain, water, sewer and other utility fees factor into the overall cost of owning a home and vary by city.

*Estimated average monthly costs based on 2000 kWH per month/residential customer.  Taxes not included in calculations.