Trulia’s latest America Dream survey showed that consumers are really optimistic for the housing market.61% of Americans think that in the next year prices will rise in their market.
58% believe that within the next 10 years local home prices will return to their previous peak level.
27% of renters want to buy in the next two years. (up 5% from 2011)

The survey also revealed that prospective homebuyers are looking at bigger homes.
27% of Americans say that homes over 2,700 square feet is their ideal size of a home.
11% of Americans want a home that is over 3,200 square feet.

They also asked renters what amenities they would like to have in their first home. Trulia compared those results to the number of buyers who reported having those features in their first home. The results showed that most renters have unrealistic expectation for their first home.

Here are a few things that were at the top of renter’s lists.
62% Master Bathroom
56% Walk-in Closet
50% Gourmet Kitchen
31% Entertainment System
50% Outdoor Deck

Buyers reported 26% having a master bath, 35% having a walk-in closet, only 9% with a gourmet kitchen, 7% having an entertainment system and 28% with an outdoor deck.