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There was a recently survey published in the latest Utah Realtor Magazine. The survey was done to find out whether it makes more sense to use a realtor or not when selling a home. The real estate website HomeGain surveyed more than 400 homeowners and the results were clear. People who used a real estate professional when selling there home were more successful.

In the article it stated that of the homeowners surveyed, those who hired a realtor had a 120% higher closing rate than those who tried to sell on their own. Sixty-six percent of owners who used a Realtor sold their homes verus a 30 percent success rate for those who sold without a real estate professional.

“The value of a realtor in the real estate transactions is made strikingly apparent in our 2012 FSBO vs. REALTOR surve of home sellers,” said Louis Cammarosano, general manager of HomeGain, “A qualified realtor understands the dynamics of the market and can better assist home sellers in the pricing and preparation of their homes for sale.”

Here are some other interesting statistics from the article.
22% of unsuccessful for-sale-by-owners eventually get enlisted with the help of a realtor.
85% of Homeowners that used a realtor when selling their home said they would use a realtor again.
89% of those who sold their home using a realtor said they would use one again.

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