Realtor Heather Ovard, walks prospective homebuyer through
 a home on the market in Santa Clara. /Jud Burkett /
 The Spectrum & Daily News

We have been getting some great responses from our Monthly Market Report that we starting doing toward the end of last year. Today one of our agents, Heather Ovard was on the front page of The Spectrum talking about the housing market.

If you take a look at our latest Monthly Report it will show you that prices have been rising. Heather mentioned in the article that agents typically don’t factor in distressed sales when pricing homes because the numbers have fallen quite a bit. In Washington County over the 12 months period before February, inventory was down more than 8%. But, in February alone there was about a 30% increase of new listings.

 “Buyers are more excited,” she said. “There’s a sense of urgency going on in the market that we haven’t had in awhile.”

Sellers are starting to expect more as well, although they’re realistic when looking at the big picture, Ovard said. The average home price is still nearly 30 percent below the peaks seen in 2006 and 2007.

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