Key Takeaways:

  1. Value is the benefit to the client (buyer or seller).
  2. It is measured by the outcome (right home for a buyer, better sales results for seller).
  3. Safety is increasingly valuable as health, financial, and legal considerations are considered.
  4. Minimizing transaction fees is rarely a client objective when providing true value.

Better Technology, Better Marketing, Better Education, Better Research, and Better Support help ERA Brokers real estate professionals stand out from the competition, but how do those tools create better outcomes for clients?  Given that Buyers and sellers care most about outcomes, the right agent and resources can make all the difference in a real estate transaction.

Buyers want buy the right home for them for the least amount of money on the right terms.  The outcome is measured by how the buyer feels about the purchase, their ability to afford the purchase, and the overall success of the transaction.  A Buyer who purchases a home that is a great deal but a poor fit is not a happy buyer and ultimately did not a good “value”.

Similarly, sellers want to generate a higher sales price, faster sales process, or have peace of mind throughout the process.  They measure success after considering all of the factors.  Sellers who want to minimize transaction fees might sell For Sale By Owner, but statistically leave money on the table when they do.  Having the right pricing, positioning, marketing exposure, and trusted advisor can make all the difference in generating improved outcomes.

Safety is an important consideration that is often overlooked.  Legal safety is the result of a proven transaction process with appropriate contracts, disclosures, timelines, that protect client interest.  Financial safety comes from protecting the financial interest of clients from fraud, property damage, and purchasing the wrong real estate asset.  Health is a critical component of safety where protocols of an experienced professional can reduce likelihood of transmission of disease without impacting market exposure or client outcomes.

ERA Brokers affiliated agents have a set of resources including technology, marketing, education, research and transaction support that uniquely position its real estate professionals to generate exceptional client outcomes.  While many in the industry are trying to figure out how to pivot in changed market conditions, ERA Brokers real estate professionals are accelerating a strategy that was designed to meet the needs of clients today.

The results of this technology speak for themselves:

About ERA Brokers Consolidated

ERA Brokers Consolidated is a brokerage infused with proprietary real estate technology.  ERA Brokers Consolidated includes 9 offices on the I-15 corridor from Salt Lake City Utah to Las Vegas Nevada.  With over 400 agents and staff, ERA Brokers operates a proprietary technology platform, ARTI®, publishes monthly market research, and manages over 1,600 property management units for its clients.