St. George, UT – Bill and Ray Cox, Tim Kenney with New Trend Construction, and many local subcontractors built a home and are donating all of the profits to charity.  The home is a beautiful 4,244 square foot home on .38 acres featuring a stunning exterior and beautiful, clean finishes.  The ask price is $799,900.  What inspired them to make such an offer in the most desirable area in the county?  A story about a family with a challenge looking for a brighter future.

Washington County is home to three siblings, Daron, Aubrey, and Angie, who have been diagnosed with pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN), a rare neurologic disease.  People with PKAN lack a chemical necessary to metabolize a vitamin in the brain.  Without normal levels of this metabolite, part of the brain degenerates, causing sever problems with walking, coordination, vision, speech, and swallowing.  This illness is particularly cruel in childhood.  Many children with PKAN die before the age of 10.

The Spoonbill Foundation has been searching for a treatment or cure for this disease for over 25 years and just this year has found hope in a newly developed medication ‘CoA-Z’.  They have completed a lot of the work with grant funding from their universities, but there is still much left to do!  They have formed a foundation to further develop the CoA-Z but need help to reach their goal.

To help raise money for the medication, Tim Kenney, a Southern Utah Custom home builder with New Trend Construction, and Bill & Ray Cox, who are local ERA Real Estate Agents, have come together with their sub contractors, to build this House of Hope.  St. George suppliers and contractors are generously contributing their time, materials and money to make this happen.  Once sold, they will be donating all proceeds from the home to the Spoonbill Foundation to give all the kids affected with disease a bright future.

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