I Want My Business to Grow

Growing your business is straightforward. It requires consistent effort, focus, and hard work. While we encourage professional development and learning from experts in the industry, you should start with the following basic principles:

  • Contact five (or your goal for daily contacts) people a day and have an in person or phone conversation about real estate
  • Enter their contact information into ZAP (or your preferred CRM)
  • Follow‐up
  • Write down everyone you know with their phone, email, and optional mailing address
  • Add them to ZAP (or your preferred CRM)
  • Send each of them an invitation to view your mobile app/website
  • Establish a regular communication strategy
  • Follow‐up
  • Set production goals
  • Set relationship development goals
  • Set personal development goals
  • Find an accountability partner
  • Review your goals and measure your progress
  • Learn from experts in the industry
  • Learn from experts outside the industry
  • Make education an endeavor, not an outcome
  • Become involved in civic, school, athletic, or other events
  • Go where people are
  • Participate in company meetings and training
  • LevERAge the ERA Brand

Building a Business Plan

You are building a business. You need a plan. How much money do you want to make? What is your average transaction size? How many deals do you need to close to reach your goal? How many contracts do you need to get a closing? How many listings do you need to reach your contracts goal? How many people do you need to talk to obtain a listing? If you know the answers to these questions, you are mostly there. You need to focus on key relationships and have a professional development goal as well. Once you have developed a business plan, find an accountability partner and work together to achieve your goals. Find someone who will consistently and regularly hold you accountable for daily contacts, listings, closings, and revenue. Plan to attend company events and stay abreast of training, technology, and support. Following is a sample business plan template: