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Director, Property Management

Las Vegas, NV

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Property Manager

Henderson, NV
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Property Manager

St. George, UT | Hurricane, UT

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We know how much your real estate investments mean to you, and it is our goal to help minimize the hassels, protect your investment, and maximize your profits. We will do this by effectively pre-qualifying and screening prospective tenants, advertising your property to potential renters that are in the market right now looking for properties like yours, and by effectively managing and maintaining the property according to our agreement with you.

ERA Brokers Consolidated Property Management is dedicated to protecting your investment, minimizing your vacancies, and maximizing your rents.  Not only do we have the experience, but the market presence to help you with all your property management needs. We take pride in offering a high standard of services tailored to meet your specific needs.

As income property investors ourselves for over thirty years, we view property management from the owner’s perspective, striving for maximum income while creating long-term value. We will customize our services to meet your needs.  We offer the following services:

  • What if I have bad credit? We understand that if you had perfect credit, you would probably be buying a home instead of renting. However, it is important that we can verify that you are able to afford the rent and that you are going to be able to pay your rent regularly and on time. For this reason, we will need to completely understand your financial situation and your credit history. If you have dings on your credit, we will discuss them with you and do our best to help you find a place to rent. We suggest you let us know up front as much as possible. If you've had a bank-ruptcy or been evicted from a previous home, please let us know "up front" and we'll discuss your options with you.
  • Do you allow smoking or pets? This all depends on the owner of the property and the circumstances. If you let us know your situation, we will be happy to communicate with property owners to find a landlord and/or property that fits your needs.  NEVER NEVER smoke or have pets if you have not disclosed your intentions to us up front and obtained written approval - as you will be liable for damages and may be evicted as well as loose your security deposit.
  • If I apply for more than 1 home, do I have to pay the $35 each time? If it has been less than 30 days since you last applied, we will waive the application fee for additional applications. You will need to complete the application at our office instead of online, as our online system requires the $35 in order to submit the application. If you submit additional applications online (for your convenience) - we can not refund your application fee, but if we end up renting to you, we will apply it towards your first months rent.
  • Dress like you are going to a job interview – This becomes very important especially when there is more than one person applying for the same property. The key is to present yourself in the best possible light so you can make a positive impression with the landlord.
  •  Speak to some of the neighbors – Spend a few minutes striking up a casual conversation with someone walking their dog or stepping out of their car and ask a few questions like what’s the neighborhood like during the day, night and weekends. The answers will, hopefully, give you a true and unfiltered sense of the area and its residents. This is going to be your new home, so look before you leap into that new lease.
  • Stay in Your Rental Budget – Do you really need that apartment that costs a few hundred dollars more that what you can afford? Make sure you can afford the place you move into for you don’t want to be struggling to pay your rent every month.
  • Get Renters Insurance – Don’t be one of the 2/3rds of Americans who don’t get rental insurance. Per the independent consumer survey conducted for the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA), renters insurance policies cost as little as $10 per month. Even though the landlord of your apartment has insurance coverage, that coverage probably doesn’t include your personal property or liability for accidents.  Be smart and don’t risk losing so much for so little of a cost.
  • Read Your Lease – Get a copy of the lease and any other official rental documents before you move in and read them. You may not care about any of the legal mumbo jumbo tucked away in this lease, but you are legally bound to this agreement made with your landlord.

How We Can Help

May Vary By Office

  • Advertise available properties -- local newspapers, realtors, the Internet,and signage.
  • Carefully screen tenants through researching and verifying prior and current landlords, employers, and credit bureaus.
  • We maintain a superior control over maintenance and repair costs, and obtain prior approval from you before any work is done on the property.
  • We Only allow reputable/qualified repair companies to work on properties.
  • We solicit competitive bids on major repairs.
  • We specialize in winterizing/summarizing properties.
  • Collection of monthly rents when due.
  • Payment of all agreed expenses on time.
  • Original invoices included with monthly statements.
  • Checks and monthly statements mailed on or before the 15th of each month (direct deposit available).
  • Year-end account summary provided.
  • During vacancies, clients updated weekly through phone calls or e-mail.
  • Written bids sent for prior authorization on improvements.
  • Phone calls or e-mails returned within one business day.


Minimize your aggravation, stress, and personal involvement while maximizing your property’s potential!