Edward Saliba

ERA Brokers – Southern Nevada

1735 Village Center Circle

Las Vegas, NV 89134

Summerlin Office

License: S.0190537


Born and raised in Queens, New York, Edward learned how to invest in real estate at an early age. He watched his father, an immigrant from Malta, who came to America with only a hundred dollars in his pocket, turn that hundred dollars into a portfolio of several apartment buildings and properties in one of most expensive zip codes in the United States. From when he was a young boy, Edward learned to embody his father’s work ethic of not being one to ever shy away from a challenge. He made education a priority and became the first in his family to graduate college and then also earn a master’s degree. It is these qualities, combined with his no nonsense, hustle mentality which defines the entrepreneurial drive that he brings to every business transaction. As a real estate investor with properties in New York, Nevada and Utah, Edward is a skilled negotiator who knows firsthand how to approach and close a deal. He has a genuine, fun-loving personality and desire to help everyone around him. When he is not working, Edward enjoys spending time with his wife, who is a teacher, and his three amazing kids.