Designed for employers who want to offer a benefit to their employees whether they are buying or selling within a home market, relocating to or from a home market, or between two locations outside of the home market.

Employees register in your company’s portal and we reach out within one business day and recommend two top performing agents in their local market. Your employee makes a selection and we get started!


  • Credit for helping and rewarding valued employees
  • Assistance with relocation and housing needs for employees
  • A single point of contact to manage the entire relationship
  • Accountability for each person who participates in the program
  • For each closed transaction, ERA Brokers will contribute $100 to a 501c3 designated by the employer.


  •  Free consultation explaining the process and answering any questions
  • Access to the best technology in the real estate industry
  • Because of their affliation with you, employees receives up to $10,000 credit on their settlement statement from ERA to be applied toward their down payment or closing costs. Average rebate is $1,200*

HOW IT WORKS: Employees register at your company’s site on or call or text our relocation number. Your employee will receive information on two top agents in the market they are buying or selling in. Your employee makes a selection and we get started!

*The actual credit will be $500 or 20%, whichever is greater, of the buy side OR sell side commission. Purchase price must be $100,000 or more.

**Obtaining a mortgage from the lender relationship is optional and not required to participate in the program.